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November 24, 2007


Fashion Designing Degree

wow! love these!

Account Deleted



You must truly believe whatever you say and then feel the emotions building inside you.

Love the picture of the womans parasol floating across the beach, and the fact that they are in black and white makes them even more impressive.

denmark fashion

Love the blog, the picture of the kid with the over sized necklace. The woman looks stunning in the old fashioned dress.

Emery Sprau

Wow, all of those have a gothic vintage feel! The effects on the photos are great! A pat on the back of the photographer. The fourth to the last photo kinda reminded me of one of Molly's photos back in the ANTM Cycle 16 days... The pose is romantic, yet sorrowful. The beach is really a nice place for any photoshoot.

helicopter tours hawaii

She is till the highest paid model as far as i know.

Toronto Photo Studio

Very unique collection. I love the style and theme.

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