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November 24, 2007



Yeah, Gail is the best huh. I got to watch shooting of the latest range in Paris recently. I grabbed a photo of Gail (in her own outfit naturally) as well:

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I like this 2nd to the last dress, very fashionable.


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Wow! Awesome pics here.... really she is looking so Beautiful. I don;t have words to explain her Beauty. Really great found this blog. Thanks very much for sharing this post. keep posting such an beautiful models.


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All this collection looks lovely I like it some much and I like that they just use the black and white, my favorite colors

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Thank you for giving me to share the contents of these fashion

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indeed, shes aincredible beautiful....
also very influential.I dsay influntial because she have been influenced to me

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I don't be unpolite, but this is one of the most ugly fashion that I see in my life, sorry but it's true, I have to accept that so sensual, anyway thanks for the information.

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That is a beautiful girl right there, the outfits are not that good, but she is very very sexy.

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Definitely she is a great Sorronda! there's no doubt about it after all.

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Awesome fashionable design. I like all poses. Please keep it up because the internet needs someone like you spreading the word.

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